How a new tailored fashion brand found a digital extension to their brand identity.

Development UI UX

Conquering a new market

The tailored fashion industry is booming. Brands like Café Costume and Suit Supply are nearly household names and many large brands follow their lead. Men have plenty of options, but for women tailored fashion is still for the happy few. Sikkema aims to conquer that market: accessible, high-end tailored fashion for women.


Sikkema was looking for a way to inspire women to make an appointment for tailoring in a digital environment.


Duality at the core

We tackled the challenge with a concept of duality which lays at the core of Sikkema’s branding. Phrases such as “one size, one you” or “be brutal, be elegant” allude to how sophisticated women – who need an item for every occasion without compromise – can rely on Sikkema. Beautiful photography and strong emphasis on typography completed the branding.

Online lookbook

Because Sikkema is such a visual brand, for the digital extension we chose artwork over conversion. More than just a product-website, we designed a lookbook that emotes and inspires. Sikkema is unlike other women’s clothing competitors, and deserved a different kind of website.

Sikkema is Brutal, Sikkema is elegant

Unconventional UI

We designed a double navigation, differentiating between information on the left, and action on the right. Furthermore, we presented the information in an unconventional “split screen” way (never breaking away from the duality-concept). And finally we layered the content, a reference to the layers in a dress.

A dynamic futureproof website

The platform we developed is a dynamic website where a static branding blends in with interactive technology. Although best experienced on desktop, it performs smoothly on tablets and mobile devices. The duality-concept offers a platform to build upon. The current state of the website is just a starting-point and is designed to be extended in the future.