How Flemish public broadcaster VRT stimulates reading through the creation of a social network

Development UI UX

The subject

As the Flemish public broadcaster, the VRT focusses on information, education and the promotion of culture.


In their will to motivate people to read (more), the VRT envisioned a new kind of social network built around books. The platform needed to facilitate interactions between users, enabling them to write book reviews and to discover new books through the reviews and rating of others. And as this project will last for several years, the platform needed to be durable and easily updatable and upgradeable. Furthermore, the website needed to comply with the VRT's strict accessibility requirements and needed to be capable of large peaks in traffic. The time frame? 8 weeks. From first briefing to Go-Live.

The platform needed to be durable, easily updatable and upgradeable

The solution

Collaborating with Lucy Agency, Lunar Gravity created a sturdy platform enabling users to interact with each other, write reviews, discover new books and to add books they have read or want to read to an online library. We also made sure everything is easily shareable through social media increasing the organic reach of the Lang Zullen We Lezen campaign


In the first few weeks after the campaign started, 8000 accounts were created and users added almost 54.000 books to their online library.