An airline interactively involved her online community through the creative use of Facebook Live

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The Subject

Belgium is a tiny country—but we have a lot to be proud of. Brussels Airlines knows that, which is why they decided to incorporate several Belgian icons in their aircrafts’ exterior. The world got the chance to become reacquainted with Tintin (the Rackham), the Magritte, the Belgian Red Devils football team (the Trident) and Tomorrowland (the Amare). The youngest offspring from the Belgian Icon fleet? The Aerosmurf, an Airbus A320 that gave the Smurfs a new home in both the aircraft’s interior and exterior.


Each new aircraft was received by Brussels Airlines with fanfare and festivity. The previous Belgian Icons were always presented to the press and the public with great interest, but due to stricter safety standards, it was no longer possible to invite the public to the tarmac. Lunar Gravity looked for a way to let as many people as possible enjoy the Aerosmurf’s unveiling. Reaching the Brussels Airlines' usual online fanbase was not enough, though.


Reaching the usual online fanbase was not enough

Facebook Live became interactive

Brussels Airlines has an active and loyal community of more than 400,000 online fans. Since our goal was to go for maximum reach, Facebook Live was the logical choice. It was an ideal way to give fans virtually the same experience from the tarmac to their armchair. But we wanted to offer more. The community had to be able to actively participate. More importantly, they had to be able to influence the Facebook Live experience. But how? We organized an interactive treasure hunt.


In addition to the Smurfs, Gargamel (the Smurfs’ evil wizard) had also slipped on board necessitating a live and interactive search. Thanks to Facebook’s “like” and “love” buttons, fans were able to vote on where to search during the broadcast. A cameraman and director were in live contact with the production team that monitored online statistics. Brussels Airlines was able to reveal the entire interior and aircraft body live to the world. Plus, every like and comment provided extra reach.

The community had to be able to influence the Facebook Live experience


The big reveal went viral. In just over half an hour, we reached 51,000 Facebook users. At the peak, 1,500 votes were tallied. We counted 554 shares and just under 1,000 comments by the end of the short launch.